Kari House Restaurant

130-3900 Bayview Street
Richmond, BC, V7E 4R7
Tel: (604) 275-KARI (5274)

Welcome to Kari House Restaurant, the number one place for dining Malaysia Cuisine. Now it's your chance to experience a feast of the subtle flavors and complex spices of Malaysian cooking. Malaysia, while closely related to Indonesian cuisine (but derived from Indian, Chinese, Thai and others influences), is worthy of further exploration.

Open Hours:

Tuesday11am - 2:30pm &5pm - 8:30pm
Wedsnesday11am - 2:30pm &5pm - 8:30pm
Thursday11am - 2:30pm &5pm - 8:30pm
Friday11am - 2:30pm &5pm - 8:30pm
Saturday11am - 2:30pm & 5pm - 8:30pm
Sunday11am - 2:30pm &5pm - 7:30pm

Take Out welcome